Many people dream of the ultimate motorhome adventure, driving what is essentially a house through a whole country or continent. Very little says freedom as much as being able to set up your home away from home wherever you feel like stopping for the night, and that is just the experience that a well rigged RV offers. It isn’t all perfect, as there are a lot of details to consider when renting a RV for a holiday.

Type Of RV

Renting an RV is unfortunately not as simple as just walking into an RV rental place with money. The first step to renting an RV will be deciding what type of RV you need. There are 3 main classes of RV to choose from, each with their own typical traits, road capabilities and size.

Class A RVClass A motorhomes can be best described as being a bus. They are typically built on a bus chassis and are monstrously big. Depending on the internal rig, class A motorhomes generally sleep from 2 to 8 people in varying levels of luxury and typically have a chill out space where everybody can sit down together for a meal. A class A RV is literally a home away from home as the sheer size allows it to have full amenities including fully stocked kitchens, full restrooms, gas, electricity, and everything in-between. With all the size and luxury of a class A RV, comes a few drawbacks in being difficult to drive, not able to go into small areas and being extremely heavy on fuel. Class A is best reserved for a camping holiday to a single destination, where constant travelling will not be necessary.

Class B RV – Class B motorhomes are the smallest of the bunch, generally based on a large panel van, class B is the go-to choice for a single person or a couple looking for an adventure. Sleeping space is usually available for up to 6 people, but that may not be in much comfort, as this is far from the size of class A. Where class B excels is versatility and portability. For a full road trip length adventure, class B is no more difficult to drive than a regular car and has much better fuel consumption than anything larger. Class B may not be for the whole family, but for a two-person getaway, it is perfect as you have plenty of room to relax and play online Blackjack when not driving.

Class C RV – Class C represents the middle ground between class A and class B. Typically based on a large pickup chassis, class C provides more space than class B while having more usability and versatility than class A. Class C is the most popular type of camper currently in use.

Choosing The RV

Always plan your RV around your trip, and never your trip around the RV. You’re not looking for a supercar, you’re looking for comfort, drivability and everything else that makes an RV unique. The smallest possible RV for your intended amount of people is usually ideal as it will be easier to drive and go through less fuel, but at the same time comfort, needs to be considered. Just because a class C may be able to sleep 6, only 4 may be able to sleep comfortably.

The trip, distances and familiarity with driving larger vehicles should be the defining factor behind the RV you choose.