train ticketsDiscover and e-book the perfect ticket prices in your journey right this moment. Looking for firstclass fares with this feature won’t limit the outcomes to only top notch so please test the fare phrases. And there is the option of shopping for tickets at a railway station in Indonesia, so far as I perceive you are able to do that at any station, also prematurely.

Journey must be made on the date, time and train specified on the ticket. In some nations, Greece and Portugal for example, seat reservations are mandatory for some trains and can solely be purchased domestically. For UK travellers, please note that NS doesn’t promote ‘open return’ tickets where you’ll be able to return on a day of your choice – for that case you should just purchase separate singles each method on the day.

1. The Tickets & Service counters will be found at most important stations – some are additionally inside ‘OV Servicewinkel’ branded outlets. It can be bought on the desk or ticket machines at stations and is a disposable OV-chip card. Ticket collection is possible as soon as your reserving is confirmed, and up till a couple of minutes before your train leaves.

Now journey overnight from London to Amsterdam by Dutch Flyer train & evening ferry from £49 with private cabin from £30, see the London to Amsterdam page for details. Alternatively, the Austrian Federal Railways web site gives print-your-own e-tickets for this similar route in both route, so can be utilized to e-book Vienna-Venice trains in either route.