Vacation abroad, for some people is still considered expensive. The reason is simple because it requires a passport, plane tickets, and requires higher fees abroad than in Indonesia. But who would have thought in the era of domestic airplane tickets increasingly soaring, now people are flocking to buy domestic airplane tickets, but by transiting abroad as a way to buy a budget to be more efficient. This of course indicates that tickets abroad are not always expensive.

The number of cheap flight ticket promos is also one of the factors triggering the many trends in saving holidays abroad increasingly mushrooming. Cheap plane tickets are indeed not enough to make your vacation in a land of people so thrifty, but there are many other ways that must be done so that your vacation budget is more controlled and certainly in accordance with your abilities. Intrigued by these methods?

1. Looking for cheap flight ticket promos

Neither offered by foreigners, but also in the country competing to provide plane promo tickets at very lucrative prices. Just imagine a new promotional offer that offers cheap ticket promos for promotions from Jakarta to Singapore. Not only that, with a fairly affordable cost, you can already get a round trip ticket to Southeast Asian countries. So, the first tip that must be done is to always update about promo tickets to get cheap prices and help not to think many times because the tickets will sell quickly.

2. Read a lot of traveler blogs and websites about traveling

Flight tickets have been booked, download your browsing and read traveler experiences from the blogs they write. This blog will help about what needs to be paid and which goals to aim for. Not only blog-traveler blog, you can also find out about your destination and more complete

3. Buy baggage well in advance

If you choose to buy LCC (Low Cost), then usually you will only get cabin facilities from 5 to 10 kilograms only, without luggage. Therefore, a budget is needed to buy reserves if you are going to carry items that are more than the cabin capacity. The general secret of transportation that must be questioned if you buy luggage at the airport will cost more than the compilation of purchases well in advance. Therefore, you must be able to calculate and estimate how much weight you need for your luggage.

4. Search and compare before choosing lodging

Lodging is quite important when vacation abroad. There are many lodging choices that you can choose from hotels, hostels, apartments, to AirBnB. If traveling, you can choose a hostel because the price is cheaper. Meanwhile, if you are on vacation with your partner, family, or friends, change to compare between these options, and which is the most appropriate for the budget. Besides being cheap, there are those who agree that you choose accommodation that provides free breakfast because this will save your food budget while there.

5. Visiting free tourist destinations

It is not difficult to find free tourist destinations abroad. For example, Singapore and Malaysia, many famous tourist destinations such as Gardens by The Bay, Batu Caves, to the newest Jewel Changi, all of which do not require an entrance fee or free. Although it’s free, you also can’t underestimate it, because many of these tourist destinations are very beautiful among world travelers. Choosing this free tourist destination will require quite a lot of budget, because some paid travel destinations are more economical at quite expensive prices.

6. Buy food at the convenience store

Your vacation budget in the last days of your vacation is running low? You can anticipate this by buying food at the convenience store. Usually every minimarket sells a variety of ready-to-eat foods at very affordable prices and cheaper than food in restaurants. The more nights, ready-to-eat food at the minimarket is also usually sold at cheaper prices such as buying 1 get 1 free or discounts up to 50%. Really will save your wallet!

7. Using public transportation

Each country usually has a variety of modes of public transportation that are fun to feel. In addition to adding new experiences, using public transportation is one of the tips to save budget during holidays abroad. Even though it is cheap, you should also pay attention and be aware of the fraud that transportation owners often determine at very reasonable and high prices. The tips, choose local transportation such as trams, MRT, LRT, or city bus. If you have to, you can choose online transportation over taxis that are usually charged more expensive.

8. Sharing internet packages with friends

The cost of an internet package is arguably quite inexpensive. The average cost charged is quite cheap for 3 days, depending on the operator. Because the price is quite large, the quota given is quite large and rarely runs out until your vacation is really over. Therefore, one smart way to save costs, you can buy 1 local sim card with a large internet package quota that can be enjoyed with friends. Maybe this will be a little troublesome because everywhere you have to always be together, but this is one practical way to reduce your vacation budget.

9. Exchange Dollar at a money changer compared to withdrawing at an ATM abroad

Spending money abroad can indeed be finalized, but it never hurts to always anticipate from running out of money while on vacation. If you’re the type of person who likes to shop and it’s easy to get crazy, then make sure to bring Rupiah or Dollar money for you to exchange at the money changer there. This will be more efficient than if you have to withdraw money at an ATM. Discounted fees at ATMs are usually charged quite high fees, while at a money changer, you can choose the place to exchange money at the lowest exchange rate.