The world is shrinking by the day, as flights become ever cheaper and more available, a lot of people have turned exploring the world into a hobby. Whether it is for work or pleasure, there are few things more exciting than exploring a land so foreign to your own.

When visiting a new country, most of the processes like flights and accommodation are made generally easy. Car rental on the other hand still stands to be a difficult situation for some. Renting a car itself is generally easy, the problems become apparent typically after the rental has concluded.

Inspect Your Vehicle

One of the worst problems a person will come across in a rental car is being held liable for pre-existing damages. It may not happen often, but it can be a very difficult problem to solve when it does. This mainly stems from small issues which get looked over on previous inspections, only getting found when you return your rental car.

Often rental car agencies will have somebody inspect the car with you when you first receive it, however this inspection can be shallow and miss a lot of finer details. When you receive a new rental car, it’s best to take the time to take detailed photos of every panel and flaw you find in the car before driving it. Even if the agents are aware of existing damage like a scratch or chip, it’s best to have documented proof that it existed before you receive the car. Detailed photos stand to save you from losing your deposit or having to pay extra for repairs.

Check Your Destinations

Hidden in the fine print of almost all rental agreements is an extra charge for returning the car at a different location of the same company. This typically isn’t a problem if you are aware, but most renters are unfortunately not aware.

These additional charges for returning to a different outlet can range from small fees to thousands of dollars. The best bet is always to return the car from the location you rented it, if that is not possible, be sure to confirm the fee before renting the car to get around.

Insurance Issues

Insurance can be a difficult debate, with some rental companies insisting you take and others not. Often, private insurance may have coverage for rented vehicles, in which case, insurance supplied by rental agencies is of no use. Before taking insurance from any rental agency, contact your own insurance provider to see if they offer any coverage for rental vehicles and in what countries the coverage stands.

Book In Advance

Booking well in advance may seem like a menial thing but can drastically change the price of the rental. Booking within the last 24 hours will always incur a hefty increase, but the month coming up to your travels can still be more expensive. For the best rates, book at least a month in advance.

Always Refill

It may seem menial and a waste of time that would be better spent playing on a mobile pokies app, but it’s important to always fill the car with fuel before returning it. Most rental agencies charge a hefty fee for the convenience of not having to refill the car yourself before returning it.

When refilling, always remember to keep a slip to prove you have refilled it, as some rental agencies require proof that the car was filled within a certain time of returning the car.