natural tourismNatural sights are geographical or biological options that have a particular enchantment to the tourism market. While nature tourism and journey tourism concentrate on what the tourist is seeking or doing, ecotourism focuses on the impression of this travel on the traveler, the environment, and the individuals within the host nation-and posits that this impression have to be constructive.

He stated in a press release to ONA that the initiatives of creating eco-tourism within the Sultanate targeted on encouraging the aware tourism activity to enjoy the pure areas and cultural heritage related to them and emphasising importance of preserving the parts of the environment and biodiversity and the necessity to assist native population.

From the standpoint of conservation, nature-based tourism offers incentives for native communities and landowners to preserve wildlife habitats upon which the business relies upon – it promotes conservation by placing an increased value on remaining natural areas.

Because of prestige and conspicuousness, the development of a beautiful visitor’s middle at an ecotourism web site could take precedence over extra pressing environmental issues like buying habitat, defending endemic species, and eradicating invasive ones.

It is in this context that the Sant Pau Hub on Forests and Sustainability is collaborating with the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Applied sciences (ICTA-UAB), the Master on Tourism at the University of Barcelona, the European Forest Institute (EFI), and the Provincial Council of Barcelona to organize a global colloquium on the impact of tourism in pure areas.