natural tourismNatural points of interest are geographical or biological options which have a specific attraction to the tourism market. With the participation of the UNESCO International Centre for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves, the European Forest Institute, Affiliate Members of the World Tourism Group, Linking Tourism and Dialog, among other related actors, the programme will encourage debate, reflection and suggestions that will probably be offered to the secretariat of the International Yr of Sustainable Tourism for Development and distributed through a wide range of social and skilled networks, with the aim of promoting continued studying, further research and new pilot experiences.

It is concluded that it’s potential to use tourism as a way to stability pure useful resource conservation and economic growth underneath the preconditions of making effective policies to encourage and help native people participate in tourism business and to learn from it.

Proof suggests a wide range of impacts to coral outcome from shoreline improvement, increased sediments in the water, trampling by tourists and divers, ship groundings, pollution from sewage, overfishing, and fishing with poisons and explosives that destroy coral habitat.

One other tourist spatial patterns shaped in the postmodern era in nature tourism or ecotourism is. This approach consists of spatial patterns of vacationers to the pure surroundings is totally different motivations of vacationers traveling to the natural atmosphere or nature meant.

By applying the Commonplace Deviation Method, the analysis categorized Victorian parks in Australia into 4 levels, which had been found to correlate carefully with prevailing visitation levels and with park popularity.RésuméL’évaluation des sites naturels pour le tourisme.