Amsterdam is a city known for venues such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, and the Moco Museum. It surprised most people to discover this city has a brewing heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. Despite being the home of Heineken, a world-renowned beer brand, this city is also home to numerous craft distilleries with unique flavors. After visiting an Amsterdam art museum, you can go to the “Brouwerij de 7 Deugden” distillery, next to one of the oldest mills in Amsterdam, built over 300 years ago by monks who produced craft beer. Are you not an expert at tasting beers? Don’t worry, the distillery will show you how to taste their beers and how to understand the different flavors and textures that you will perceive on your palate.

Delight your palate

In the facilities of the Heineken brewery, you will have a fantastic experience in which you can taste exclusive beers you cannot get in any other country. This seems to be the most popular option, although it is not the only one. If you like beers with original names like Mama, Thai Thai, and Polyamorie, you should visit Oedipus Brewing and taste their flavors. One distillery whose popularity has skyrocketed is Brouwerij Troost. Despite being founded in 2014, it already has 3 breweries in different parts of Amsterdam. For those who love outdoor experiences, Bird Brewery is the ideal choice to taste a good craft beer while enjoying nature. Even though it is a young distillery (it opened its doors in 2016), it already has over 25 awards for its beer quality.

Don’t forget to follow these tips

Before you visit the different distilleries around Amsterdam, several tips will help you have a pleasant experience. First, never consume beer on an empty stomach. The alcohol and barley in beer can get you drunk very fast if your stomach has no other food to digest. In the second place, define the purpose of your visit to each distillery. If you only want to try one particular beer, make sure you don’t overdo it, especially if you plan to try other beers from other distilleries on the same day. As a crucial piece of advice, do not consume over five types of beers in one day. Finally, the beer will likely make you drunk, even if it is only a little. Do not drive on the day of your beer drinking. It is better to have a friend to take you home or use services such as Uber.