Money is actually not your barrier to traveling. It’s just a matter of determining priority.

Traveling is a hobby that is often associated with large funds. Some people even say, traveling is only possible for those who have a lot of money,
the problem of money is actually just a matter of determining priority. Choosing office slaves with mediocre monthly income should not stop you from buying airplane tickets and getting out of your comfort zone.

1. Save money by not carrying luggage

Rica recommends that you always be aware of promotions from various airlines, to get cheap tickets. In addition, you can save a lot by carrying a few items. If you can, try to rely solely on your big backpack, without luggage.
He managed to surround Singapore without any bags, by pocketing all of his needs in a vest bag. Although it does not apply to everyone, from this trip Rica realized that all of his needs fit in a small backpack.
Maybe you ask, how?
• Bring only a comfortable pair of shoes (which you certainly use)
• Bring underwear in only two pieces per day. Don’t take too much.
• Check the weather in your destination. You don’t need to bring a jacket if the weather isn’t cold.
• Leave the internet, don’t bring a laptop. Enjoy your trip.
• One book is enough. Rica said, on average hostels have interesting books that you can borrow.
• Do not carry too many electronic items. One phone can function as an alarm, camera and music player.
• Bring clothes in neutral colors, which you can wash and use again without being seen wearing the same clothes repeatedly.

2. Live in a hostel or hostel

“Traveling is about going around the city, not staying in your hotel room all day. Why do you have to spend so much money on a room, if you know it’s only going to be there for a while?”
For people who are more experienced in traveling, there are other options such as couchsurfing where travelers can stay with hosts in various countries.

3. Look for cheap transportation

There are countries where taxi fares are cheap, but traveling by bus or train is not a bad idea. Some countries even have tourist tickets that give you access to the city by public transportation many times without being restricted.
Get to know the map of your city before leaving, whether it’s a rigid pedestrian city, or you need a car to get around. If English is not common there, download a map in English before arriving. If you go wrong, cheap transportation will not be that cheap anymore, especially if you have to change vehicles.

4. Research!

Before leaving, Rica spent a lot of time researching places and people he would meet at his destination. He looked for places where locals ate or drank, and went there rather than popular places of tourists who tended to sell food and drinks of the same type, but worth twice as much.
Besides that, you can get knowledge by joining a group of travelers.
Plan your trip. What place do you want to visit? Is there an entrance ticket? Calculate everything. If you plan to do a lot of activities in one day, have you calculated the line? In some countries, you can order museum tickets first so you can avoid long lines just to buy tickets.

5. Safety is the most important thing

Don’t take risks. Rica recounted his experience towards Siem Reap, Cambodia, by land. Their rental car stopped in the middle of the road and a man jumped in and asked for their money. Rica and his friend obeyed the request.

If you are alone, tell people in your home country if you will leave. Keep in mind the telephone numbers of important people like family or close friends, so you can still contact them when you lose your cellphone.
Don’t risk your life by ignoring safety in order to save a little money. On a long journey, this safety factor will prevent you from accidents (which cost a lot).

No, this experience won’t bore you. The dynamics of traveling in large groups is very different from going alone. Remember to dress modestly and don’t look at people for too long (Rica says this can cause a fight, depending on the culture of your destination).
Stay calm and friendly. Meeting with local residents will give you knowledge that you cannot get from any tour guide.
At one point, you will feel lonely. But try to find a quiet place and enjoy the view.