Travelling abroad or locally can be an amazing way to explore more of the world, as it can also be expensive. One of the biggest shares in a typical holiday budget remains the airfare.

Flights have become considerably cheaper as technology has advanced but are still expensive in the view of an average holiday. Fortunately, there are a few steps that anybody can take to get a fair discount of flights, no matter where you want to go.


A large factor in the price of flights is what airport you are landing in. When booking flights, be sure to check flights to other airports in the city you want to be or even closely neighbouring cities. At times, a flight landing in a different but still close airport can be as much as 15% cheaper.

For example, London has 5 major airports, with pricing varying from Heathrow being the most expensive, to London Luton Airport being the cheapest. In this example, the distance to city centre difference is only 15 miles.

Going Incognito

There is a misconception doing the rounds about how incognito mode can help you save money when booking a flight. A common practice amongst some airline booking services and websites is to track your visits to the website and raise the price by a small margin every time you visit the website.

The idea behind this practice is to create a sense of urgency and force you to buy the flight tickets out of fear that they may continue getting more expensive. Incognito mode is a way to avoid websites tracking your frequent return while comparing prices and ensuring you get the originally advertised price every time.

VPN For Success

A common practice amongst airlines is regional pricing, meaning that is the average salary of your country is higher, airfare will likely scale higher as well.

This is not always the case and can be offset by things like government subsidy for locals using airlines, but it is always worth checking as this will be one of the biggest savings you can have when booking flights. The VPN you make use of doesn’t particularly matter, provided you have a country selection available to test and see the prices through a few different countries. The VPN used only matters with country selection, but this is easy to get by as most good VPNs come with a free trial which will be ample to find the best price and book your tickets.

This little trick may seem too good to be true, but the use of a VPN is legal in all western countries where you can use them to play at an online bingo casino too. VPNs are also legal in most other countries around the world, the few exceptions are the likes of Russia, China, UAE, and North Korea who do not allow the use of a VPN.

Booking a flight using a VPN is 100% safe and legal, most security experts would recommend using a VPN for this nature of internet activity, even if it isn’t with the goal of saving money.


As with any nature of booking, the prices will tend to rise closer to the day of your flight. Be sure to book at least 2 months in advance to get the best prices possible.