Fun and unforgettable traveling tips

Traveling to various unique, exotic and new places has become increasingly popular with many groups. In fact, nowadays traveling has become a lifestyle necessity. However, if we are not careful in planning, traveling can actually be a burden. There are several things that deserve to be considered when traveling, wherever the destination is.

• Do research first

Really proven the first step to do is to find information about an interesting place as desired. For people who are first traveling to a new place, doing research is the most vital thing to know about cheap airlines, affordable hotels, weather conditions or interesting culinary places. Now it’s easier to find destination information through travel sites or from travel bloggers who always tell their experiences.

• Arrange a schedule

Preparing an itinerary is a must for not wasting vacation time, Opera Friends. Especially for those who do not use tour & travel services, schedules, locations, distance and costs must be clear. Make sure you make a list of trips before leaving!

• Pack lightly

Be sure to bring items that are only needed so as not to bother you. Examples such as carrying enough clothes and not excessive or footwear that matches the weather. To support the holiday, make sure to also carry a portable camera, battery charger and power bank in one small bag, making it easy to find and reduce the possibility of being missed when traveling.

• Take good care of your luggage

Furthermore, the most important thing when traveling is to make sure your things are safe. If traveling by plane, it is safer if you use a large backpack bag without having to check-in to the trunk. If necessary, make sure the suitcase that will go into the trunk is locked or better yet wrapped in plastic … Read More

5 tips for creating a hobby of traveling without draining the contents of the bag

Money is actually not your barrier to traveling. It’s just a matter of determining priority.

Traveling is a hobby that is often associated with large funds. Some people even say, traveling is only possible for those who have a lot of money,
the problem of money is actually just a matter of determining priority. Choosing office slaves with mediocre monthly income should not stop you from buying airplane tickets and getting out of your comfort zone.

1. Save money by not carrying luggage

Rica recommends that you always be aware of promotions from various airlines, to get cheap tickets. In addition, you can save a lot by carrying a few items. If you can, try to rely solely on your big backpack, without luggage.
He managed to surround Singapore without any bags, by pocketing all of his needs in a vest bag. Although it does not apply to everyone, from this trip Rica realized that all of his needs fit in a small backpack.
Maybe you ask, how?
• Bring only a comfortable pair of shoes (which you certainly use)
• Bring underwear in only two pieces per day. Don’t take too much.
• Check the weather in your destination. You don’t need to bring a jacket if the weather isn’t cold.
• Leave the internet, don’t bring a laptop. Enjoy your trip.
• One book is enough. Rica said, on average hostels have interesting books that you can borrow.
• Do not carry too many electronic items. One phone can function as an alarm, camera and music player.
• Bring clothes in neutral colors, which you can wash and use again without being seen wearing the same clothes repeatedly.

2. Live in a hostel or hostel

“Traveling is about going around the city, not staying in your hotel room … Read More